Ethnographic film show in Rio de Janeiro

(20/09/06)The 11th Mostra Internacional do Filme Etnográfico (Internacional Festival of Ethonographic Film), taking place between 07 and 15 November in Rio de Janeiro, is accepting relevant works until 10 October. The films can be shot on any system and must have been... »
Great British Movies

Great British Movies

Don Shiach’s newly released book, Great British Movies, charts the lineage of the best of British cinema from the silent era to the present. Highlighting the country’s most inspired cinematic moments, such as the Free Cinema of the late 1950s and the subsequent New Wave, the author argues that Truffaut might have been wrong, after all…


London company to produce new Coffin Joe film

(01/09/06) The UK-based film production company One Eyed Films, which specialises in Latin American films, has come on board as one of the producers of {em}Embodiment Of Evi{/em}l, a horror film to be directed by Brazilian cult figure Jose Mojica Marins (better known... »