(05/05/08) – Brian Mills is the author of 101 Forgotten Films, which brings back to light films that deserve more of our attention and a DVD release. Mills talked to us about writing the book, out on Kamera Books.

What was the criteria you set for yourself when you started drawing the list of films that made into the final selection of your book, 101 Forgotten Films?

I was looking for films that were of a high standard that somehow have been overlooked by video companies and not released. The films chosen would probably have received critical acclaim when released but not given a wide theatrical distribution.

Did you have viewing access to some of those films?

Yes. I have seen thirty-one of the films listed, and partial clips of many of the others.

Of all the films included, which ones do you think are the biggest losses to the canon? And film directors?

Blast of Silence, Splendor, Adalen 31, Lost Angel, Ratataplan and The Great Man. As to directors I would say Allen Baron, Maurizio Nichetti and Bo Widerberg.

Which films did you wish to have included but couldn’t?

I knew I couldn’t include everything as the remit was only 101 films, but I passionately believed in the project and the possiblity that there will be a follow-up.

Are any recent releases that are potential candidates for a future, similar list?

Oh, yes, but am not yet ready to release that list.

Like all histories, film history belongs to the ‘winners’. What are the implications of that?

Not as a bad as one might think, as I feel that films are always been rediscovered and with the help of such bodies as the BFI, AFI and companies like Criterion, some of these films will eventually be released.

101 Forgotten Films is out now. Please follow the links provided to buy a copy and support Kamera by doing so.