(01/11/060 – The Africa Movie Academy Awards and the Niger Delta Film Festival, which take place annually in Bayelsa, Nigeria, are currently open for submissions from African filmmakers. The closing date of submissions is 30 December 2006. Film must be created by an African filmmaker and support production crew. It must have been made between 30th November 2005 and 01 December 2006.

According to the organisors, the jury is guided by the questions: "What constitutes a great African film? Is it the storyline, on a continent where so often, the retelling of our stories has not been in African hands? Is it the technical brilliance of the production, within an environment of miniscule budgets and poor resources? Is it the skill of the actors, in a situation where training facilities for the arts are not prioritized by governments and the private sector?"

The executive producer of the AMAA, Peace Anyiam, says she is optimistic about this year’s edition of the event, and eager that the event receive entries from as many African nations as possible. "Film has become an increasingly popular medium through which Africans tell their stories" she says. "For too long, the African story has been interpreted by the West, and served up to us as our ‘reality’. For the African filmmakers who take the brave and often thankless task of addressing this imbalance, it’s crucial that a resource such as AMAA exists. We have a three-day training and workshop series before the awards, which are meant to act as a resource, a networking opportunity and opportunity for African filmmakers to access information and make contacts."

The AMMA have attracted filmmakers from Zimbabwe, South Africa, Senegal, Kenya, Namibia, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, the Gambia, Nigeria and Ghana in their three year history. Last year Hollywood Actor Danny Glover (pictured) was one of the international presences at the festival.