(19/10/07) – Ever fancied being a curator? Now you got a chance to do just that. Between 20 October and 03 February the Netherlands Media Art Institute will give visitors a chance to choose a maximum of six works to be shown in the Institute’s gallery as part of the exhibition Video Vortex.

Through the online catalogue of the Institute or by visiting the mediatheque at the Institute the curator can make a selection from the more than 2,000 video works. The only condition is that a statement be given for the selection. This statement and the video works selected are then screened for the rest of the visitors for a whole day.

The director of Netherlands Media Art Institute, Heiner Holtappels will be the first Curator for One Day on the opening day of Video Vortex, Friday 19th October. Each Thursday a special guest will present her/his selection, among others: Bart Rutten (Stedelijk Museum ‘s-Hertogenbosch), David Garcia, Mariette Dölle (TENT, Rotterdam), Ulay, Sabine Niederer (Institute for Network Cultures), Maria Rus Bojan (PROJECT), Arjon Dunnewind (Impakt, Utrecht).

Please visit the link on the left below and find out more.