(15/02/08)DÉRAPAGE is one of a kind event that takes place every year in Montreal. To apply, creat and submit a short (between 30 seconds and three minutes) non-narrative video with a soundtrack and be copyright free. Videos to be shown at the event will be selected on March 7 2008 (deadline). Projection night is april 17th 2008, 8h pm at UQAM Design Center.

Film sharing 3rd International Low & No Budget VideoFilmfestival Stuttgart/Heilbronn/Mainz, Germany & Tour 08. The deadline is 01 April 2008. The organisers are looking for old and new short films and videos for the categories ‘Worlds to work in / worlds to live in and ‘We could have been happy actually…’

Finally, on 04, 05 and 06 July 2008 fst forward organises a new video and multimedia event in Antwerp called ‘Here today, gone tomorrow’. The event is located in the historical city centre at the "Steenplein", using six containers as screening theatres. The organisers are looking for video art to be presented at this event. In order to be selected

entries should be of a continuous nature, thgat is, without a strict beginning or end. Deadline: 20 April 2008.

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