(01/10/08) – The Zemos98 festival is accepting submissions to its 2009 edition in Seville, Spain. The deadline is 01 November 2008. A fee of 150€ will be paid to works included in the Sección Oficial and 50€ will be paid to those included in the Videoteca section. Works should have a maximum duration of 30 minutes and deal with the following topics/formats: narrative experimentation, free culture, archive, remix, politics, commitment with reality, education and communication, machines and souls, cyberculture and otherness.

Launched by two German artists, the film and video art TV channel Souvenirs From Earth is inviting artists and filmmakers to use the channel in order to promote their works. First presented as a concept at London’s ICA in 1998 and the Venice Biennale in 1999, it took seven years to go on air. It is currently expanding to France.

A joint project by VAS A VER and ACCIÓN MEDIA, Teaserland is a web-festival dedicated to the art of fake trailers. Anyone can post on the website. The €30,000 prize to make a short film will be announced in January 2009 by the jury, whose members are Jaume Balagueró (film director), Mirito Torreiro (film critic), Gregorio Belinchón (film journalist), Esther García (producer), Angel Sala (director of the Sitges International Film Festival of Catalonia) and Manel Vicaría (Vas a ver). The project will be officially presented on October 4th within the framework of the Sitges Film Festival.

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