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Save Netribution.co.uk

by Laurence Boyce

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Reams and reams could be written about the state of the British film industry. Is it healthy? Is it failing? Is their really enough talent around to ensure that the industry is sustainable? I'm sure everyone has their own opinions, but the fact is that British film makers need as much support as they can get. A large part of this support has been provided by Netribution.co.uk.

Have you ever checked it out? If not, go to the web site now. I'll still be here when you get back.

Interesting wasn't it? Whether you make films, enjoy them or simply need a contact Netribution has provided a lot for those in the movie industry.

Netribution was founded at the end of 1999 by Nic Wistreich and Tom Fogg. With more than a shade of the independent movie maker, they funded their venture with student loans and credit cards. Soon it gained a reputation amongst filmmakers and high-players in the industry. Want a interview with a director? Check out Netribution. Want to find out how many screens the main cinema in Botswana has. It's probably there in Netribution's resource of more than 2000 pages. People from The Guardian, Time Out and many others were hailing Netribution as an important resource. Over the past year or so, the site was getting around 21 000 hits per month

But like so many things involved in the British film industry, Netribution is now under threat. After two years of ups and downs, the organisers are finding the lack of money starting to pinch. It's time to call the wrap party, because it looks as if they can't finish the film

This would be a shame. Netribution has proven that people can have a great idea and make it work with little or no capital. Just an idea and a passion for the business. Robert Rodriguez did the same in making his debut feature 'El Mariachi' and look at him now. Having said that, Rodriguez did submit himself to medical trials to earn the money for said film. I do hope that the lads at Netribution haven't started to peruse the free-ads at the back of 'The Lancet'...

So what can we do to help save the important resource that is Netribution ? Well, get writing. Join the 'Save Netribution' campaign on the website. Check out the Netribution forum. Tell your friends about it. Just get behind the site. OK, it's a fact of life that many film resources - especially those on the internet - do have a tendancy to wither and die and it's also fair to say that there are many other film related ventures that are out there that also need funding. But Netribution is a great place to start: the site appeals to everyone whether they be the budding filmmaker or the enthusiastic film buff. Let's hope we can see the site updated in the near future.

Oh, and they've printed some of my work before. So, Netribution has also performed acts of charity.


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