(18/07/07) – Those looking for a fresh approach to film festivals need to look no further. The OFF/SHORT festival in Quend-Plage-les-Pins, France (21-23 September) encourages participants to bring their own projection techonology aimed at audiences as big as they like. Think of a Glastonbury festival where everyone gets to play and you get an idea. Anything goes – a tent, a camper, bus, lorry, baloon – participants are encouraged to use their imagination to grab as much attention as possible.

Set between Baie d’Authie and Baie de Somme, the town is close to an English Channel beach. The organisers say the event is an "alternative platform for filmmakers, producers, organizations and film groups." If the pictures posted on the website (linked to on the left) are anything to go by, the event looks like a lot of fun.