(09/10/06) – A short film competition in the United Status is paying up to US$10,000 to the best film in a competition where participants have to create the imagery that goes with a song. Participants have to create a film for a track of their choice, which they can choose from a list of songs that are made available once the participant registers (it costs US$9 to sign up).

"Cinematic is instrumental music intended to evoke vivid images and evolving stories. Any visual style or format is permissible in the submitted films – live action or animation, realistic or abstract. However, nothing besides the unedited music may be used in the soundtrack," say the organisers.

Sitting on the judge panel are Clark Peterson (producer of Monster), Jackie George (producer of Demolition Man) and M. David Mullen (cinematographer of Akeelah and the Bee), among others. In addition to the juried prizes, a worldwide Internet audience will vote for one Online Audience Award winner, who will receive US$5,000. The deadline to submit the finished short film is 01 November, 2006.