Well, 2003 is nearly at its close, and it’s been another weird and wonderful one in the world of cinema.

We’ve watched pirates, hulks, elves, superheros, cartoon fish and machines hellbent on human destruction battle it out for cinematic supremacy. We’ve seen Maggie Gyllenhall being spanked by James Spader, Nic Cage acting opposite himself, and Jack Nicholson covering his face in make-up remover.

We’ve heard Vincent Gallo denouncing his own film while Gus van Sant walked off with the Palme d’O, and we’ve seen Spike Jonze, P.T. Anderson, Clint Eastwood and Quentin Tarantino make their respective returns to directing for the big screen.

We’ve learned that Adam Sandler can really act, Johnny Depp makes a mean pirate, and most importantly that Arnold is much too old to be a terminator. And now kamera.co.uk is inviting its readers to nominate their best (and worst) films of 2003.

A selection of kamera.co.uk writers will be presenting their own films of the year in a special issue of the magazine just after Christmas. To supplement this issue, we’d like you to choose your own top three – along with the single cinematic experience you’d most like to forget this year – and send them to the editor at oliver.berry@kamera.co.uk. We’ll count up the votes, and in the first issue of 2004, we’ll announce the results. Simple as that.

The closing date for nominations is 31st December 2003. To be eligible, films must have received a general cinematic release in 2003, as listed by the Internet Movie Database.