This year’s Grimmfest, Manchester’s Horror and Cult Film festival, promises four days of ferocious films that are bolder, bloodier and more brutal than ever before.

The opening night gala will feature the world premiere of Menhaj Huda’s new hoodie horror Comedown, starring Adam Deacon, Jessica Barden, Geoff Bell and Calum McNab followed by Frightfest favourite Cockneys vs Zombies, the hilarious gorefest by Matthias Hoene and James Moran. Members of the cast and crew will be present.

Other screenings include the English premiere of Below Zero, pitched somewhere between Texas Chain Saw Massacre and Adaptation, with a soupcon of Fargo in the use of location and performances. As much a study in psychology as it is of extreme horror, the film plays fascinating games with perception and reality. The Eschatrilogy is an ultra low budget British film, epic in scope, telling the tale of the zombie apocalypse.

There are also opportunities to revisit old favourites, with screenings of Frank Hennenlotter’s Basket Case, Terrence Fisher’s Hammer classic The Devil Rides Out and the Cabal Cut of Clive Barker’s compelling Nightbreed, timed to celebrate the 60th birthday of the master of the macabre.

Additionally, GRIMM are releasing their very first movie in the UK: Some Guy Who Kills People. There will be special screenings at Grimmfest as well as showings at various cinemas around the country from Oct 5th.

The festival runs from the 4th to the 7th October. Tickets and passes can be purchased from the website