(30/11/06)This is our first review of short films fully available online as part of Kamera’s drive to increase awareness of rare films that anyone, anywhere in the world, can now see. Welcome to the first instalment of Kamera’s online film programme, Stream Factory. Suggestions are most welcome. We have chosen to inaugurate our curatorial programme with the classic Brazilian short Island of Flowers (Dir: Jorge Furtado, 1989).

A tomato is planted, picked, transported and put for sale at a supermarket, but it goes rotten and end us in the rubbish. Is that the end of the tomato? No, it gets taken to Ilha das Flores, a rubbish dumping ground where the desperately poor survive on what the rich have thrown away. Following a free association stream of thought, the subtly ironic voice-over uses the humble tomato to explores the difference between humans, pigs and tomatoes.

A deadpan collage on the capitalist culture of waste and inequality, Island of Flowers is a tour-de-force of visual invention and political clarity. Director Jorge Furtado has reaped more awards than his mantelpiece can hold for this skilfully assembled film and 17 years later it remains as relevant and impacting as ever.

The film Flash streams from the site London-based site Hurluberlu.