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Film Review
13 Apr 2014
The Story of Yonosuke (Yokomichi Yonosuke [2013])
Cheers and tears abound in a distinctly human story from Shûichi Okita.

Film Review
11 Apr 2014
The King and the Mockingbird (Le roi et l'oiseau [1980])
A welcome revival of an animated classic that is somewhere between 35 and 65 years old.

DVD Review
23 Mar 2014
Shady (Kashikoi inu wa hoezuni warau [2012])
Ryohei Watanabe's debut feature is an utterly engaging work of school shock filmed on a miniscule budget but with maximum return.

DVD Review
9 Mar 2014
The Lady Assassin (My Nhan Ke - Mỹ nhân kế [2013])
Martial arts, drama, sport and comedy offer an entertaining combination in The Lady Assassin, the hugely successful Vietnamese action film.

DVD Review
6 Mar 2014
Calcutta Taxi (2012)
A thought-provoking short film written, directed and produced by Indian born Canadian filmmaker Vikram Dasgupta.

Film Review
16 Feb 2014
Only Lovers Left Alive (2014)
Swinton! Hiddleston! Jarmusch! Vampires! Swoon!

Film Review
12 Feb 2014
Her (2014)
A man falls in love with his OS in Spike Jonze's quirky, distinct and lovely sci-fi rom-com.

Film Review
6 Feb 2014
Brother (Brat 1997)
A retrospective of Russian director Alexei Balabanov is just part of the films at KinoKlub, a new series of Russian cinema screenings, thanks to Academia Rossica.

DVD Review
5 Feb 2014
Repo Man (1984)
Alex Cox's cult classic is available on Blu-ray. Steven Yates reviews.

DVD Review
26 Jan 2014
How to Use Guys with Secret Tips (남자사용설명서 2013)
At last - a video solution showing women how to succeed in the world, assuming they still have a VHS player.

Film Review
23 Jan 2014
Inside Llewyn Davis (2013)
Music, mayhem and an uncertain future await Llewyn Davis in the Coen brothers' latest film. And then there's the cat.

DVD Review
19 Jan 2014
The Colony (2013)
A multitude of horrors face the surviving humans in a frozen future.

Film Review
8 Jan 2014
The Railway Man (2013)
Romance blossoms on the tracks but there is a dark past to contend with in this moving film based upon a true story.

Film Review
2 Jan 2014
Mandela: The Long Walk to Freedom (2014)
The life, loves and legacy of Nelson Mandela, bought to the screen from his autobiography.

DVD Review
29 Dec 2013
Bullet Ballet (1998)
Gangs culture and salarymen collide in Shinya Tsukamoto's frenetic Bullet Ballet

DVD Review
21 Dec 2013
Wolf Children (Okami kodomo no ame to yuki [2012])
A mother brings up her half-wolf children in Mamoru Hosoda's utterly delightful anime.

Book Review
12 Dec 2013
Writing and Selling: Crime Film Screenplays by Karen Lee Street
Ever fancied becoming a screenwriter? It need not be a crime...

Film Review
5 Dec 2013
Nebraska (2013)
Alexander Payne returns with an inter-generational road movie.

Film Review
4 Dec 2013
This Ain't California (2013)
A documentary about skateboarding in East Germany in the 1980s? California, it certainly ain't.

Film Review
1 Dec 2013
Kill Your Darlings (2013)
A murder that started a literary movement: the beat generation of loved, loathed and banned writers.

DVD Review
23 Nov 2013
Shackled (Belenggu, 2012)
Murder most foul with the potential perpetrator possibly a deranged bipedal bunny, in Upi's distinct surrealist crime horror film.

DVD Review
23 Nov 2013
Tokyo Fist (1995)
An early feature from Shinya Tsukamoto is reissued, restored to its gory glory. Is this the best boxing film of all time?

DVD Review
20 Nov 2013
The Artist and the Model (El artista y la modelo, 2012)
Art and relationships develop in a time of war in Fernando Trueba's delightful yet dramatic black and white film

Book Review
12 Nov 2013
After Dracula: The 1930s Horror Film by Alison Peirse
Forget horror porn and slasher movies, the horror film was hugely popular in the 1930s.

Book Review
25 Oct 2013
Hitchcock and the Making of Marnie by Tony Lee Moral
Perhaps Hitchcock's most controversial film, this detailed book explores how Marnie was made.


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