(24/04/08) – The complexity and potted history of cinema is full of neglected gems that for varying reasons never achieved the full commercial success or critical recognition they deserved. For that reason, access to such films can be limited.

Film critic and movie therapist Brian Mill’s new title for Kamera Books, 101 Forgotten Books, takes us a through a journey of films that perhaps were ahead of their time or regarded as unfashionable when they first came out. Perhaps they were refused release at a director’s whim, they lacked proper distribution, were stifled by legal wrangling or were simply hidden away in a film studio’s vault. Whichever the reason, may of these films deserve to be dusted off.

101 Forgoten Films tells us, among many other things, about that film with Joan Crawford that you probably never saw, an obscure Noir masterpiece, a Marcelo Mastroianni star vehicle or an Edward G Robinson comedy. It includes lost films by Ernst Lubitsch, John Ford, Alfred Hitchcock, Elia Kazan, Sergio Leone, Nicholas Ray, Bo Widerberg, Roberto Benigni and Robert Altman. All of the 101 titles mentioned are given a 1 out of 5 rarity rating and are grouped according to the decades in which they were made.

101 Forgotten Films by Brian Mills is out now. Please follow the links provided to buy a copy and support Kamera by doing so.