Some Guy Who Kills People is a film about a guy who, as the title suggests, kills people. A combination of multiple-murder/horror/slasher genres mixed with a smattering of comedy about family and work life, this is an enjoyable low budget film.

Ken Boyd (Kevin Corrigan)is fresh out of the asylum, an institution where he has spent much of his life following a horrific series of harassment incidents perpetrated by high-school bullies from the basketball team. He still has a passion for comics and earns minimal wages by sweeping up at an ice-cream parlour, employment that occasionally has a sideline involving dressing in ice-cream related costumes. Life has not been good for Ken, but things are hopefully improving. He is reunited with his daughter Amy (Ariel Gade) and even, miraculous though it seems, starts a relationship with Stephanie (Lucy Davis). Even his mother Ruth (Karen Black) is being a touch more loving towards him than she had been previously, although that could be because she too is in a new relationship with the local sheriff Walt Fuller (Barry Bostwick). If the memories of the past could be erased from his mind things would surely be enhanced further. Although the past does seem to be being erased, or at least the basketball bullies are being erased – and in increasingly bloody ways. Sheriff Fuller is convinced that he has a lead suspect.

Basketball, ice-cream and bloody murder combine to make Some Guy Who Kills People, a mixture of horror movie staples with elements of comedy that has some links to the films of its executive producer John Landis. At its heart lies the usual motivation of the slasher sub-genre: the horrid early life of the killer which points to him becoming a crazy, nasty and brutal murderer. And the gore effects, signposted by the comic-book drawings, are of the gross-out and blood-spattered variety that also tie in with the film’s clear love of its predecessors, from Friday the 13th (1980) onwards. What sets Some Guy Who Kills People apart from the slew of slashers and the last decade’s seemingly endless remakes of 70’s and 80’s horror films is its tone, for amidst the gruesome carnage and childhood trauma backstory this is a comedy where the grotesque elements are part of the amusement. Yes, heads will roll, and bounce around, throats will be slashed and the bodies dumped in a variety of bizarre locations. The cast seem to be enjoying themselves as much as the filmmakers, perhaps not the easiest of tasks if, like Kevin Corrigan, you occasionally have to be dressed as a chocolate-chip ice-cream but show an expression of earnest seriousness as you come to terms with your present situation and, maybe, the killing option.

Gory story made into witty comedy, Some Guy Who Kills People does what its title suggests, with plenty of chuckles amidst the brutality.