(04/02/08) – Francesco Vezzoli is an acclaimed Italian artist who uses film to parody celebrity and Hollywood glamour with a incredible balance between reverence and irony. One of his most famous efforts, screened at the 2005 Venice Biennale, was an imagined Trailer For a Remake of Caligula. The original Caligula was directed by Italian director Tinto Brass in 1979 and was plagued by lawsuits, including one by Gore Vidal who wanted his screenwriting credit removed from the production. In Vezzoli’s fantasy, Gore Vidal gives his approval to the new production, hence the reference to the writer in the title.

Vezzoli is not just making a cheaper parody here: his "trailer" features Helen Mirren as the Emperor Tiberius, Karen Black as Agrippina, Milla Jovovich as Drusilla, Benicio del Toro as Macro and Courtney Love as the depraved Caligula himself. It’s a beautiful use of pastiche and stars as cultural signs that leaves you wishing there will actually be a remake of the film.

Please see link on the left to watch Trailer for a Remake of Gore Vidal’s Caligula.