The books by the great Italian writer Alberto Moravia inspired many directors to render them into film versions. Alberto’s cool, obsessively analytical depiction of the modern human experience, which he saw as one of spiritual isolation, made good fodder for directors like Jean Luc Godard, who adapted his book Contempt (Le Mepris, 1963) starring Brigitte Bardot and Michel Piccoli and Bernardo Bertolucci, who adapted The Conformist in 1970. But one of his most powerful books was La Ciociara (1960) (Two Women in English), a first-person account of life as a war refugee on the mountains outside Rome during the German invasion. Sophia Loren plays the protagonist in this Vittorio De Sica-directed tale of human endurance and the degradation suffered by the common man when barbarity takes over civilization. Loren won an Oscar for her performance and the cast also includes the Novelle Vague star Jean-Paul Belmondo. The film is fully available on Google Video now. Please follow the link on the left to watch La Ciociara.