In the news: a new zombie film has been released on DVD and the undead have been witnessed travelling through time and space in their hunt for tasty flesh and all the horror that that ent(r)ails… As the opening shows, even Christmas could see you becoming a replacement for turkey as human sashimi for an undead santa.

Recent years have seen a huge surge in the popularity of zombies on both the big and small screen and yet another is on offer for all those interested in the world of zombie films… Zombieworld. The clue is in the title: it’s about zombies and it’s set in the world. An anthology horror film comprising multiple stories, like many of its forebears it provides a link to all the forthcoming shenanigans via its opening sequence. In the same mould as the Milton Subotsky anthologies, the tales are introduced by a character who has his own sub-plot and ‘little twist’ story (of course) – in this instance it is Marvin Gloat (Bill Oberst Jr.), the newsreader for KPRS News who informs us of the latest zombie news and provides thematic links for the stories to come. And despite the overall zombie theme, the short stories are really quite varied in terms of location, style, story and setting. Even Jesus and Judas feature in one of the tales on offer when the raising of Lazarus takes on a whole new perspective in the Spanish language subtitled ‘Fist of Jesus’ section. If you weren’t aware that there were wild west cowboy zombies in biblical times, you certainly will be after viewing this. Stories of a more contemporary nature set in Ireland, Australia and America follow this slightly deranged, but highly ‘tongue-in-cheek’ entry. There are a huge variety of tales on offer, filmed by over a dozen directors, and this ensures that the short films never outlive their welcome; the differing paces and styles of each short film means that you are never far away from one that may appeal to your particular sense of horror/humour.

Bloody stupid stuff abounds in increasingly impressive effects showing zombie atrocities, exploding body parts, severed limbs and the inevitable eating of entrails. Many of the tales are humorous in their delineated narratives with often deliberately whacky characters. You think that zombies munching on human flesh is horrific? How about dispatching the undead with notifiable glee using a bicycle seat? The film progresses with plenty of graphic gore and often much silliness. A brief addition ‘Marathon Apocalypse’ is included to keep you up to date with the latest news.